Radicon, comprising the Radicon UK, Radicon Thailand and Radicon USA businesses, and any other businesses which may be directly associated in the future, is an equal opportunities employer. We are committed to providing an environment of equality and fairness for internal employees and external interactions and pride ourselves on treating everyone with respect, trust and compassion.

The purpose of having such a statement is to provide people, employees and managers, with an understanding of behavioural expectations and respect at work. Also, to provide the knowledge and confidence in identifying and dealing with situations effectively.

We must consider this policy statement at all times. It is unfair and unlawful in many countries to discriminate against people. This means that no-one should experience less favourable treatment than another person in the same situation. This is not to say that a person has to receive exactly the same treatment, it is about understanding an individual’s needs in achieving the same end result.

Treatment of employees must be based on the required information and evidence available in the following situations (not exhaustive):

  • Resourcing
  • Performance Managing
  • Promoting
  • Discipline / Grievance procedures
  • Training and Developing
  • Reward & Recognition

Whilst it may not be legislation in all countries, the Companies (globally) are committed to protecting their employees from any unwanted behaviour on the grounds of discrimination including Age, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Race, Nationality, Religion/Belief, Marital Status or Disability.

Categories of unwanted/unacceptable behaviour includes (not exhaustive):

  • Physical (touching, hitting, pointing)
  • Verbal (abusive language, threatening, swearing)
  • Non-Verbal (avoiding, staring, Graffiti)

Therefore with immediate effect it is expected that that business and our employees will continually strive towards the following principle:

"It is everybody’s right to be treated with respect at work and also everyone’s responsibility to treat others with respect at work"

Due to the global interpretation of this principle and the varying ways of managing this issue, please refer to the relevant local policies on managing matters of this nature or the Group HR Director for further clarification.

Harish Chasmawalla

Vice President

December 2012